In this blog I’m going to revisit some of the most pivotal fights in the history of Mixed Martial Arts and attempt to explain the significance of the results on the sport at the time. I have been a fan of MMA since 2010 and consider myself a bit of an all round combat sports aficionado. Combat sports resonate with me particularly as I am interested in the psychology involved in those who compete and what motivates them to do so at the highest level. I may also venture outside of the bubble of fighting and cover wider aspects of culture and society in the future.

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Career Breakdown: Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen returns to the Bellator cage on June 24th against Wanderlei Silva, looking to avenge the disappointment of his previous fight with Tito Ortiz.
Sonnen earned his reputation in the MMA community for his unparalleled trash-talking abilities but it was his skills inside the cage that first led his rise to notoriety. So to prepare for the return of the ‘American Gangster’ here is his top 5 career performances. Continue reading “Career Breakdown: Chael Sonnen”

UFC 210 Breakdown: Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi

In my opinion one of the most intriguing bouts featured on UFC 210 is the middleweight co-main event clash between Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi. This fight represents a divergence from established booking conventions with former champion Weidman currently on a two fight skid, facing Gegard Mousasi who is enjoying a resurgence in his UFC career, having amassed four victories in an impressive 2016.  Continue reading “UFC 210 Breakdown: Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi”

Fights That Made Me a Fan II: Dan Hardy vs Duane Ludwig UFC 146

The second edition of my ‘Fights That Made Me a Fan’ blogs features for vastly different reasons than the first. Dan Hardy vs Duane Ludwig did not headline the event it featured on, it wasn’t even featured on the pay-per-view portion of the card, but it resonated with me for the human aspect of the competitors involved.  Continue reading “Fights That Made Me a Fan II: Dan Hardy vs Duane Ludwig UFC 146”

Fights That Made Me a Fan: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman UFC 162

This fight is worth exponentially more than all the clichés and hyperbole that it could ever be attached to in my opinion. This, more so than any other contest, engrained in me a true appreciation of the unpredictability of Mixed Martial Arts. To put it into context, I first became interested in the UFC in 2011, and instantly was hooked. I immersed myself in UFC content, fascinated by the vast variety of approaches the competitors undertook for fights.  Continue reading “Fights That Made Me a Fan: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman UFC 162”


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